Sharpen Your Marksmanship

with Mansfield Munitions

Mansfield Munitions provides innovative training products to improve marksmanship, sight alignment, and shooting skills.

Everyone is thrilled when they hit their target.

With Mansfield Munition products, you can be thrilled all the time.

As a personal trainer and certified shooting instructor, Michael Mansfield brings a unique perspective to the process of improving marksmanship.  It’s about muscle concentration and repetitive resistance training within a shooting gallery context.  He created a new design for a gunsight and a system of target muscle training, a gun “gym”, that speed the process of improving marksmanship.

Gun Gym

GunGym Marksmanship Machine

Triggercise™ Manual

The original book explains the real science behind these exercises to optimize shooter training.
“My fellow gun shooters, do you ever wish you could hit your target with greater consistency, precision, and accuracy? Ever wonder how elite military troops achieve such amazing shooting abilities? Is it the equipment, the special training methods, the genetically skilled person, or the thousands of bullets expended in practice? Are certain people born to shoot and others born to watch? Does someone have to join the military or law enforcement to become a very good shooter? Are there secret methods of training that no civilian can ever learn?
You might be surprised how simple it is to become a better shooter by using aspects of fitness training, athletic training, and concepts developed for sports training. The following exercises were developed specifically for the body posture and movements used in shooting a handgun. At trade shows, I have seen hundreds of shooters improve significantly in shooting skills, with two minutes of training, as illustrated in this book. What can you achieve if you train 12 minutes every day for months?”

Triggercise™ Training Kit

This kit includes:

  • Giant™ Sights – Shooting instructors use Giant™ Sights to explain the concepts of sight alignment and sight picture. They are so intuitive that students can teach themselves how to align sights.
  • Bungee cords – These are the elastic cords that provide resistance against the movement of a dummy gun or laser pistol/rifle.
  • Targets – The small increments on these paper targets encourage precise shots.
  • Triggercise™ Manual
  • Exercise Chart – Easy list of Triggercise moves to simplify practice.
  • Dummy Gun – A replica of a standard-sized pistol to use for practice.

WOOSH Gun™ Sights

Shooting instructors use WOOSH Gun™ Sights to explain the concepts of sight alignment and sight picture. They are so intuitive that students can teach themselves how to align sights. This gun sight will improve markmanship.  


With 20+ years of shooting experience, the Woosh sight and Gun Gym have helped me dramatically improve my shooting accuracy. The ability to shoot with both eyes open is such and amazing experience!

Allyson Sivley- Atlanta, GA


The entire line of Mansfield Munitions products has helped improve not only my strength, but my accuracy in hitting my target. Wish these products were around when I first started basic training.

N. Labreau- Atlanta, GA

Former Combat Medic, U.S. ARMY