Michael Mansfield

Certified Shooting Instructor

Certified NRA Pistol shooting instructor

Certified Personal Trainer

Former Flight Instructor and a Pilot today

Inventor of the Triggercise method and all supporting products 

Michael Mansfield
Mansfield Munition is interested in, and in fact, an expert in a variety of disciplines. More importantly, he has always been intensely curious about how he could improve whatever little challenge he is facing.

When Michael shot a BB gun at the age of 12 he quickly observed he was not going to be a champion shooter due to the lack of precision from the sight on the BB gun.

In 2011 he decided to pick up shooting again. Again he observed that not much had changed from the sight perspective from when he was a young boy.

By this point in his life, Michael Mansfield was a Certified Personal Trainer skilled in analyzing the whys and hows of muscle conditioning. He was also an experienced flight instructor. He was used to breaking down the problems that stood in the way between an individual current state of ability and the desired result. It was clear to him that shooting, like so many other things, is not just about sight, but fine muscle coordination and, yes, conditioning.

Not only did he devise a new design for an improved gun sight, he applied for its patent in 2012. Around the same time he developed the giant sight for training purposes.

Next, he proceeded to develop a full system of exercises and muscle conditioning that help shooters improve their aim dramatically.

His book, “Triggercize” was published in 2023.