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WOOSH Sights™ is a patented new gun sight for training used for the accurate shooting of handguns and rifles. Sighting systems can be old school and boring, exotic, complicated, minimalist, etc.  WOOSH™ stands out in its innovative design to work with a variety of eye strengths, to help people understand what they are aligning, and to make sight alignment rapid from zero to 100 yards.

They are easier to learn, more precise, and make your target quicker to acquire.

The WOOSH Sights™ system is easy to use.  Start with lining up the front sight on the target.  Next, bring the rear sight into place with the front sight to form a complete picture of two rings.  Complete the alignment so that the rings are picture-perfect and the center line mark on the front of the sight touches your point of aim.  You’re ready to press the trigger straight and to the rear without deviating from the sight picture for an amazing shot.

These sights will work for just about anyone and are a great option for new shooters, shooters that are struggling with their vision, and persons wanting to shoot with both eyes open without a red dot sight system.

Price includes shipping and handling charges in the 48 continental states.

Woosh Gun Sights for training and regular use fit all double-stacked Glock pistols and clones.

1 review for WOOSH Gun Sights

  1. Cathy Barber

    After purchasing my first Glock and using the Woosh Gun sight, it has helped me build my confidence as a beginner. Every time I go to the range, I can see my improvements. Very pleased! Cathy Barber- Tampa, Florida

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“This is very effective and surprisingly fun!”‘ 

Fran K from Canada